Books on Ecumenism


Books on Ecumenism (latest ones are listed first) with links to

* Recommended

Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism: Exploring the Achievements of International Dialogue by John A. Radano and Walter Cardinal Kasper (Apr 30, 2012)

Renewing Christian Unity: A Concise History of the Christian Church by Mark G. Toulouse, Gary Holloway and and Douglas A. Foster (Dec 7, 2010)

Receptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning: Exploring a Way for Contemporary Ecumenism by Paul Murray and Luca Badini Confalonieri (Jun 18, 2010)

Ecumenism Means You, Too: Ordinary Christians and the Quest for Christian Unity by Steven R. Harmon (Mar 15, 2010)

The New Ecumenism: How the Catholic Church After Vatican II Took Over the Leadership of the World Ecumenical Movement… by Kenneth D. Whitehead (Feb 6, 2009)

The Eucharist and Ecumenism: Let us Keep the Feast (Current Issues in Theology) by George Hunsinger (Sep 29, 2008)

Ecclesiality and Ecumenism: Yves Congar and the Road to Unity by Douglas M. Koskela (Apr 21, 2008)

Growth in Agreement III: International Dialogue Texts and Agreed Statements, 1998-2005 (Faith and Order Papers… by Jeffrey Gros, Thomas F. Best and Lorelei F. Fuchs (Jan 3, 2008)

Searching for Christian Unity: 40 Years of Unitatis Redintegratio by Cardinal Walter Kasper (Mar 1, 2007)

Catholic and Ecumenical: History and Hope by Frederick M., S.M. Bliss (Apr 26, 2007)

A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism by Cardinal Walter Kasper (Jan 20, 2007)

Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue: Unitatis Redintegratio, Nostra Aetate (Rediscovering Vatican II) by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy (Sep 1, 2005)

Nicene Christianity: The Future for a New Ecumenism by Christopher R. Seitz (May 1, 2004)

Basis of Christian Unity by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Dec 30, 2003)

Justification and the Future of the Ecumenical Movement: The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification… by William G. Rusch, George Lindbeck and Walter Cardinal Kasper (Oct 1, 2003)

Growth in Agreement II: Reports and Agreed Statements of Ecumenical Conversations on a World Level, 1982-1998 by Jeffrey Gros, Harding Meyer and William G. Rusch (Mar 2001)

That All May Be One: Catholic Reflections on Christian Unity by Ernest R. Falardeau (Nov 1999). Note: Month by month, from January to December.

That All May Be One: Perceptions and Models of Ecumenicity by Harding Meyer and William G. Rusch (Sep 1999)

Ecumenism: Present Realities and Future Prospects by Tantur Ecumenical Center (Jerusalem) and Lawrence Cunningham (Jul 1999)

Introduction to Ecumenism by Jeffrey Gros, Ann Riggs and Eamon McManus (Jul 1, 1998)

Deepening Communion: International Ecumenical Documents with Roman Catholic Participation by William Rusch, Bro. Jeffry Gros, Cardinal Edward Cassidy and Mary Tanner (Jun 1998)

Yes We Can Love One Another! Catholics and Protestants Can Share A Common Faith by Warren Angel (Mar 1, 1997)

Ecumenism in Transition: A Paradigm Shift in the Ecumenical Movement? by Konrad Raiser (Jan 1, 1996)

Nothing Beyond the Necessary: Roman Catholicism and the Ecumenical Future by Jon Nilson (1995)

Growth in Agreement: Reports and Agreed Statements of Ecumenical Conversations on a World Level (Ecumenical Documents by Lukas Vischer and Harding Meyer (Jan 1, 1984)


Baptists and Catholics

Can These Bones Live? A Catholic Baptist Engagement with Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics, and Social Theory by Barry Harvey (2008)

Evangelicals and Catholics

Catholics & Evangelicals: Do They Share a Common Future? by Thomas P. Rausch (Nov 3, 2000)


Lutherans and Catholics

Lutheran and Catholic Reconciliation on Justification: A Chronology of the Holy See’s Contributions, 1961-1999… by John A. Radano (Jul 28, 2009)


Jewish-Catholic relations

Christians, Jews, and the Holocaust: Theses for Dialogue by Gerald Darring (Jan 20, 2012)

The Catholic Church and the Jewish People: Recent Reflections from Rome (Abrahamic Dialogues) by Philip A. Cunningham, Norbert J. Hofmann and Joseph Sievers (Nov 15, 2007)

The next issues in Jewish-Catholic relations.(The Church and the Jews; Rabbi Marc H. Tanenbaum Foundation Special… by Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy (Jul 28, 2005)

Interreligious Relations

The Catholic Church and the World Religions: A Theological and Phenomenological Account by Gavin D’Costa (Jun 30, 2011)

Christianity and the Wider Ecumenism by Peter C. Phan (Jun 24, 1998)