Cardinal Walter Kasper


Cardinal Walter Kasper

President, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (2001-2010)


Celebrating a Century of Ecumenism: Exploring the Achievements of International Dialogue by John A. Radano and Walter Cardinal Kasper (Apr 30, 2012)

Harvesting the Fruits: Basic Aspects of Christian Faith in Ecumenical Dialogue by Walter Kasper (Dec 14, 2009)

Searching for Christian Unity: 40 Years of Unitatis Redintegratio by Cardinal Walter Kasper (Mar 1, 2007)

A Handbook of Spiritual Ecumenism by Cardinal Walter Kasper (Jan 20, 2007)

The Petrine Ministry: Catholics and Orthodox in Dialogue by Walter Kasper and Staff of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (Dec 1, 2005)

That They May All Be One: The Call to Unity Today by Walter Kasper (Feb 1, 2005)

Justification and the Future of the Ecumenical Movement: The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification… by William G. Rusch, George Lindbeck and Walter Cardinal Kasper (Oct 1, 2003)

Speeches, articles

Nature and Purpose of Ecumenical Dialogue (no date, but between 2001 and 2009)

Information and reflections on the current ecumenical situation (23 November 2007 as printed in L’Osservatore Romano and translated by

The ecumenical movement in the 21st century (2005). Presentation at the event marking the 40th anniversary of the Joint Working Group 
between the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC, 18 November 2005

Current Problems in Ecumenical Theology (27 February 2003)