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Global Ecumenical Bodies

Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (PCPCU)

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Website: World Council of Churches (WCC)

The unity of the body of Christ consists in the gift of koinonia or communion that God graciously bestows upon us human beings. There is a growing consensus that koinonia, as communion with the Holy Trinity, is manifested in three interrelated ways: unity in faith, unity in sacramental life, and unity in service (in all its forms, including ministry and mission). The liturgy, especially the celebration of the eucharist, serves as a dynamic paradigm for what such koinonia looks like in the present age. In the liturgy, the people of God experience communion with God and fellowship with Christians of all times and places…. Strengthened and nourished by the liturgy, the Church must continue the life-giving mission of Christ in prophetic and compassionate ministry to the world and in struggle against every form of injustice and oppression, mistrust and conflict, created by human beings. (Church, 2012, #67)



US National Ecumenical Bodies


Secretariat for Ecumenical And Interreligious Affairs (SEIA)

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is committed to promoting dialogue with Christians and non-Christians alike. The fostering of Christian unity and mission to grow in understanding and friendship with other churches and religious groups is at the heart of our Catholic identity.


The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA


Christian Unity


Christian Churches Together USA

Creating Bridges of Understanding

Christian Churches Together offers a space that is inclusive of the diversity of Christian traditions in the United States — Evangelical/Pentecostal, Orthodox, Catholic, Historic Protestant, Historic Black churches. It is unique in providing the only venue where these churches, representing over one hundred million Christians, come together for prayer, dialogue, fellowship and witness.