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Pope Francis: Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations

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June 30, 2013. Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. The Petrine ministry, the archbishops and bishops in service of unity. Excerpts.

June 19, 2013. (Romereports.com, video and text) With Rome’s intense summer heat, Pope Francis made his way to St. Peter’s Square, blessing children along the way. He even gave a baseball cap to a child to protect him from the high temperatures.

During his catechesis, Pope Francis described the Church as the Body of Christ.

“If the head is separated from the body, a person cannot survive. It’s the same for the Church. We must always stay intensely connected to Jesus.”

The Pope added that the Church is not an NGO, or a cultural or political institution. He explained that the Church is a living Body, Jesus is the head who nurtures and guides it along the way. He also called for Christian unity.

“We Catholics should pray together, but we should also pray with other Christians. We must pray so that God may grant us all unity. Unity!

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he said,  that unity is possible. But to start of, one must first look for unity at home, in one’s family and parish.

“We shouldn’t follow the path of division, nor the path of conflicts among us. No! We should all be united. All united despite our differences. Always united. That is the true path of Jesus.”

In light of his call for Christian unity, the Pope said that  very morning, he met with an Evangelical pastor. They both prayed together precisely for Christian unity.

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