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  • PCPCU: Documents
  • WCC: Joint Working Group between the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC: Documents
  • WCC 10th General Assembly. Pilgrimage to Busan: An Ecumenical Journey into World ChristianityThis study has 6 stations on the pilgrimage road: 1. Christian Unity; 2. Called to witness; 3. Living with People of Other Faiths; 4. Working for God’s Justice; 5. Praying for Peace; 6. Transformative Spirituality for Discipleship. Downloadable PDF resources for Leaders and Participants.
  • The Unity We Seek: Reflections on Ecumenism Today, by Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, World Council of Churches general secretary
  • The Church: Toward a Common Vision,” a draft document to be considered by the 10th assembly of the WCC in Busan, South Korea. Here is an excerpt:
    • The unity of the body of Christ consists in the gift of koinonia or communion that God graciously bestows upon us human beings. There is a growing consensus that koinonia, as communion with the Holy Trinity, is manifested in three interrelated ways: unity in faith, unity in sacramental life, and unity in service (in all its forms, including ministry and mission). The liturgy, especially the celebration of the eucharist, serves as a dynamic paradigm for what such koinonia looks like in the present age. In the liturgy, the people of God experience communion with God and fellowship with Christians of all times and places…. Strengthened and nourished by the liturgy, the Church must continue the life-giving mission of Christ in prophetic and compassionate ministry to the world and in struggle against every form of injustice and oppression, mistrust and conflict, created by human beings. (Church, 2012, #67)